LG's 3DTVs Priced Between $2,700 and $3,600

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Converting the Korean price-tags for LG's 3DTVs the other week almost gave a few of us heart attacks, so it's pleasing to see that the Amazon prices (they've just gone live) are far more reasonable.

While the better specced LX9500 range still hasn't been priced, the LC6500 has—with the 47-inch model coming in at $2,700 and the 55-incher at $3,600. Glasses will have to be bought separately, and for $125 each, at that.


Currently, Amazon's just listing the price of both sets, with no inkling as to when they'll ship—though curiously they both say "temporarily out of stock," which suggests they managed to sell some, rather than their usual trick of listing the sets with the pre-order information only.

LG's already stated that 2010 will be a big year for 3DTV for them, as they're hoping to sell over a million sets—gaining them 25 per cent of the 3D market. [Amazon via 3D-Display-Info via SlashGear]


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What makes a 3dtv a 3dtv?

It's a 2d panel that shows twice as many pictures right?

As far as i can tell, there is no reason at all why 2d panels with 120Hz panels can't display 3d if you wear those stupid glasses.

Also, these things are more expensive than Pioneer Kuros were and Kuros are still king for picture quality. I highly doubt these things are going to change that since they are inferior LCD panels.