Life-Size Plush Versions of Yoda and Wicket Are the Perfect Sidekicks

For some reason a life-sized stuffed version of Darth Vader or Obi-Wan Kenobi just doesn't seem as appealing as these life-sized plush versions of Yoda and Wicket the Ewok. But that's probably because one is an adorable Muppet, and the other looks essentially like a cuddly walking teddy bear.


Both will be available from Takara Tomy at the end of April, and while Wicket stands just over 31-inches tall, Yoda is a little shorter at just 26-inches. But that's close to being accurate to the size of the characters as they appeared in the Star Wars films.

Neither toy has any electronic features like movement or sounds, but they're both still a little on the expensive side. Yoda will sell for about $250, and Wicket for just over $330. Oof. So they're definitely geared more towards Star Wars collectors than little kids, and if you're trying to recreate the battle of Endor with an army of stuffed Ewoks, you've got a little over a month to start saving up a small fortune. [Takara Tomy via Toy People]

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