Lifechanger: Adam Carolla's Electric Toothbrush

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A lot of people use the shitty travel toothbrush that snaps together—the one they used in camp 25 years ago. It doesn't get much fanfare, but people should get a good electric toothbrush.

Toothbrushes aren't really a gadget that's fun to write about or even to talk about. But I mean, if you think about it, it's in your hand two times a day, hopefully. And it really, you know, it could be the difference between you getting laid and you not getting laid.

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They're cheap. They're easy. They're plentiful. (Get a couple replacement heads.) They charge...I don't even know. Whatever battery technology we're using in electric toothbrushes we have to move over to automotive application because I'll charge mine up and then not put it back on the charger for two years. And it just sits in a pool of water on the side of my counter, and it never dries out, and it never goes south and it never ends. So for me, the electric toothbrush. A lot of good ones are out there. And cheap.

(You should, by the way, scrub your tongue every once in a while. Your tongue gets pretty nasty. You gotta hit your tongue every once in a while.)

The other tool that I'm using the shit out of is the cordless impact driver. Now the cordless drill, that's a good item for drilling holes and sinking screws, but the cordless impact driver sinks screws with a "pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop." It just sinks 3-inch dry wall screws all goddamn day long. And it'll even sink lag bolts all day long without pilot holes. And to me, that is a real nice item.

Everybody, there's no excuse to not have an electric toothbrush and a nice cordless drill.


I can go on. I went to the Rite Aid two days ago and I bought myself like three pairs of little clippers. I get the nail clippers. I get the little scissors. I get five of everything and just spread em out all over the goddamn house. Because there's nothing worse than spending half an afternoon looking around for a $1.99 item. You know what I mean? So just go ahead and get the cheap shit and just spread 'em out.

Adam Carolla is bringing back his radio show (in podcast form). He's expanded his daily show 50% to an hour and a half every day. And please, call it the Adam Carolla Show, not the Adam Carolla Podcast. Additionally, you can catch him live in Thousand Oaks and North Hollywood on June 11 and 12, respectively. If you're in Chicago, you can see him at Just for Laughs on the 17th and 18th.


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I propose Gizmodo reviews the more common electric toothbrushes out there and tells us which is best.