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We may earn a commission from links on this page

LifeStraw - $2 Saves a Life

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mike over at pointed out this interesting device. It's a water purifier that costs about $2 and lasts about one year. There are no replaceable or electric parts and it uses simple suction to filter out most major pathogens. Over 6,000 people, mostly children, die of water-borne diseases each day. The LifeStraw, quite clearly, can help. Mike says:

If we (as in the big WE) can find a way of manufacturing and distributing one of these to each human at risk, every year, we could save countless lives (now there s a noble outcome for the tech blogs and mags of the world to work together to promote this). Each LifeStraw lasts for one person s annual needs of clean water a simple straw costing a few dollars will ensure that one at-risk person will not die for a year - now that's a donation we can all make with a serious kicker!

Not to get all Suzanne Sommers here, but this product, like the excellently named Plumpy'nut, is an great way to solve a burgeoning, if not already massive, problem. Now back to your regularly scheduled poop jokes.

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