Lightning Review: Beautiful Sorapot Tea Kettle

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The Gadget: I'm not a big tea drinker, but I appreciate the Sorapot tea pot's design. It's been an object of desire since I first saw the renderings and the how to video.


Price: $179.

The Verdict: Using it, I've got a few gripes that people who plan to use this every day might complain about if they want practicality over pure design porn. First, the tea kettle is to be filled by the spout, which leads to spilling. This is presumably because on it's side, cylinder in the vertical space, the glass feels pretty unstable. (See my awkwardness in the video. BTW do not expect to be entertained.) Secondly the pour is kind of inconsistently slow then very fast, because there's no way for air to initially make up for the vacuum left by the water until you pour at a certain angle. Closing the kettle involves tightening a hand screw, which is not all that convenient

Having just complained about the pot, there is no doubt that it is the best looking tea steeping device I've seen in some time, and will be for some time to come. That's worth a lot, and I'm sure the inconveniences above could be overcome by someone in lust with it. [Sorapot]


@TommySez: I don't mean to say this thing isn't incredible, but I do feel a certain amount of contortion to make this thing work for me. I look at it and tend to shy away from using it because, hey, lazy.