Lightning Review: iWavecube Ultra-Mini Microwave

The Gadget: The iWavecube microwave from iCube Designs and Sharper Image is billed as the "world's first and only personal portable microwave." A Ramen-ready space-saver that is perfect for a foodaholic that lacks the time or the skills to cook a proper meal.



Verdict: It works, but with only 600 watts of power, you are going to need a little patience. It is going to take about 4 minutes and 30 seconds to cook something as substantial as a Hot Pocket or popcorn, which is significantly longer than most standard microwaves. Still, it gets the job done—and despite its diminutive size (10.5"x12"x10" with an oven capacity of 8.5"x 8.0"x 5" and a total weight of 12 pounds) it can handle most normal microwave food with no problems. I was also surprised to find that it was whisper quiet when running. All in all it is a solid device, but there is no doubt that the price is a bit steep. But, if space is limited and you have a thing for gadgets with handles, the iWavecube is a viable option—and I wouldn't wait around too long if you know what I mean. [Shaper Image]


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