Those silly storms, all they do is sit up in the sky and plot the destruction of the world. On this past Fourth of July weekend they have declared themselves anti-iPod fanboys by punishing Jason Bunch, a 17-year-old Colorado teenager, whose iPod was struck by lightning while he was mowing the lawn. The lightning traveled the path of the earbuds all the way to his hip where the iPod was located. The iPod has a hole in the back and the cheap earbuds dissolved into a liquidy goo. He was placed in intensive care and was sent home earlier this week.

According to the Denver Post report, Bunch was listening to Metallica. I'm generally not one too falsify information, but there is a chance that Bunch's Metallica MP3s were not legally purchased. Could Lars Ulrich be the second lightning man?


Lightning clouds may be evil son of a guns but there had to be other factors playing a role in this mystery. The plot thickens even more when Bunch was surprisingly able to make his way inside the unoccupied house and call his mother, who was out of town, even though he was vomiting and bleeding from the ears.

So, we have an evil lightning cloud hitman, a possible second lightning man and a heroic iPod fanboy saving this kid's life. This mystery is far from over, stay tuned next week when our top forensic scientists pointlessly blow up ballistic gelatin with a tesla coil to unravel this mystery.

Lightning zeros in on teenager's tunes [Denver Post]

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