We saw some amazing examples of lightpainting in our Shooting Challenge back in July, but Flickr user Jannepaint has come along and eclipsed them all with his pro-shooting. It's all done in front of the camera, with no after-trickery involved.


This particular one, Serotonia, is my favorite—it was shot using a Sony DSLR-A200. It comes from a series of lightpaintings the Finnish Janne did in an abandoned and burnt-down match factory (ironic, yes), while shooting a documentary on lightpainting.

For those who are unfamiliar with lightpainting, it's long-exposure photography where the subject uses a source of light such as an LED, a sparkler or glowstick, and trails it around themselves. Yesterday we saw lightpainting done on a grander scale, where 50 photographers shot their cameras around 100,000sq/m of the Spanish city Toledo. The 3,000 or so camera flashes were recorded by the long exposure photo of a camera set up on the hills. [Jannepaint and Flickr via Petapixel]