LimoJet: Learjet for Acrophobes

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If you thought Hummer limousines were over the top, take a look at LimoJet, a million-dollar cruiser converted from a jet fuselage and scheduled for unveiling in late spring. Inside is a 42-inch plasma screen, spacious seating for 18 and a 4500-watt stereo. It's 42 feet long and at 101 inches wide, just barely narrow enough to be street legal. It runs with a 400hp Chevy truck engine and has $20,000 worth of chrome wheels with 30-inch tires. This crazy car even has a sound effects system that makes a realistic jet engine noises. It's nuts.

LimoJet, otherwise known as a Jetmousine or a Learmousine, will first be offered by limousine rental company ExoticCoach in Chicago, so if you're in town, rent it out for an evening of well-grounded jet-set fun.

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