Lions Attack Last Survivor of Failed Black Rhino Transport

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Remember when Kenyan Wildlife Services royally fucked up when they were moving black rhinos earlier this month? You know, when 10 out of the 11 endangered rhinos died during a transport between national parks?

Somehow the story has taken a turn for the worse. The lone survivor was injured after lions attacked it. Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife Najib Balala announced Thursday.

It’s sad news. Only about 5,000 black rhinos remain because poachers just won’t leave them alone.


These deaths, though? They were at the hands of conservation officers. The animals were stressed and starved, according to an independent investigation. The conservation officers reportedly gave the creatures water that was too salty, pushing them over the edge.

After finding the officers responsible, Balala moved to officially replace Kenya Wildlife Services Acting Director Julius Kimani. He also suspended another six officers.


“The investigator found unacceptable professional negligence among officers,” Balala said during a press conference.

We can’t exactly blame anyone for the plight of this last surviving rhino (well, except the lions), but not all hope is lost. The surviving female is holding on as they continue to treat her. Kenya can’t afford to lose another.


[h/t Reuters]