Sony has been pumping out these XL series Vaio media centers for quite some time now and still nobody seems to want to buy one, until now. First we saw the Vaio XL1 then we saw the Vaio XL2 and now they have jumped 98 models ahead with the latest, the Sony Vaio XL100. I'm going to skip all of the mumbo jumbo with specs and such because they are usually all the same. I'm going straight to the best factors about the XL100.


First, this thing has HDMI. Nuff' said. Secondly and debatably more important if you are a bigger computer geek than home theatre geek, this machine is liquid cooled. No longer will a humming machine disturb your home theatre watching, this machine is damn near silent because of the liquid-y goodness that is flowing across the components. Did I mention it looks cool as hell? But would you expect anything else from Sony? This machine showed up on the Sony U.K. site, no word on U.S. availability or pricing.

Product Page [Via blurtek]