I like listening to new music, I like playing games based around the sounds of that new music, and I like gathering the public opinion on everything. You too, right?

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NPR Music: Beyond the live streams from 100 public radio stations, NPR Music has exclusive content like advanced access to albums and stuff like music news, interviews and reviews. What's particularly nice is that the app can scan your iTunes library and spit out personalized recommendations to make sure you keep on discovering stuff that vibes with your style. Free

Beat Hazard Ultra:Beat Hazard Ultra takes any song in your iTunes library and transforms it into a fast-paced twin stick shooter. The game monitors the different frequencies of the track that's playing for short, medium, and long term triggers. Not only is Beat Hazard Ultra a new way to enjoy your own music, it's a highly entertaining way to introduce yourself to some new tunes as well. And the visuals, man. The visuals will sear your eyes with white-hot magic. Free


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" width="640" height="360" /> Proof: Localmind is like Quora with a map. Someone asks a question about a location, and the masses can respond. Then you can go in and browse it all. Need a recommendation for a good bar? Trying to avoid a shady realtor? Try Localmind. Free

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