Listen to Radiohead's Idioteque On a Laser-Etched Wooden Record

We've seen 3D-printed records before, and while they don't sound great, they're still pretty neat. Now the same mine behind those, Instructables' Amanda Ghassaei, has got another weird record variation to try out: laser-etched wooden records. It's only a slight step up in sound quality, but still totally cool.

In order to accommodate the larger grooves needed to get a wooden record to work, the table has to run at 33 RPM, and even then you can only fit one song per side at best. The song is recognizable, though. It sounds a bit grimier than the straight-up slice of tree trunk we've heard on a very different kind of record player, but this gets points for being more genuine.


Frankly, the weirdness of the sound fits the song pretty well; Idioteque isn't exactly an easily digestable pop-rock anthem to begin with. Still, you probably won't be picking up any wooden LPs to listen to any time soon, but damned if they wouldn't make a good decoration. [Instructables via Geekosystem]

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