Christmas is upon us—finally, huzzah!—but that just might mean that even the most avowedly pro-holiday people out there are tired of hearing the same old festive standards again (and again and again...). If you're looking to mix up the playlist, this interactive "singing map" lets you to explore seasonal tunes from around the world.

The audio clips come courtesy of the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings—the institution's very own nonprofit record label!—and were compiled by the information design specialists at Esri. It's actually pretty awesome; each numbered pin drop plays a different regional sample, and clicking on the album art will take you to a page with more info about the artist and album, from the Indian Music of Chiapas, Mexico to The Icelandic Singers to the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company.

The whole thing is a nice reminder that not everyone celebrates the exact same thing the exact same way, and a good opportunity to let Bing and Nat and Burl rest their voices for a minute. [Esri]