Listen to Steve Aoki World Premiere Tracks on Turntable.FM Right Now

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Musicians streaming and debuting tracks online is nothing new, but using Turntable.FM as an outlet for those songs is somewhat unheard of. Yet, that's exactly what Steve Aoki is doing, being the first established musician to premiere two brand new tracks on the social music service for the first time.


Aoki's been a mainstay in the LA electronic scene for the last half-decade or so, will be playing in his Turntable.FM room starting now. 200 people at a time can hop in the room and give them a listen (and if you want to see behind the scenes there's also a Ustream channel here). Furthermore, Sol Republic is involved in this, and are giving away free headphones during the listening session. So hop on over and check it all out. [Turntable.FM]

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Broadcasting live with Ustream

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Define "established." Baths totally premiered a song on seemingly at random, with only same hour twitter and facebook posts to promote it. Hell, he even got some people from Ninja Tune to join in just because they were online at the same time. Then on top of that, people started signing in as real artists and tried to fake people out. Pretty amazing time we live in.