Live Action Akira Film Is Dead

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Kiss a live-action look at spectacularly dystopian future goodbye. The live action remake of manga classic Akira is dead. Sad: We so wanted to see The Capsules, or at least the jacket, in real life.

The movie was rumored to take the six-book original series by Katsuhiro Otomo and translate it into two feature films. Ruairi Robinson was attached to direct the project.

Bloody Disgusting is now reporting that the film is dead in the water.

Sad news comes in this weekend as we have learned that not only has Robinson left the project, but Tetsuo and Kaneda's adventure is "dead as a doornail," a report we've confirmed with two separate sources.


You guys speculated that the project sounded rushed, and that such an undertaking probably couldn't be done, in a manner worthy to the series in time, for a 2010 release. So maybe it's all for the best, and maybe this it will have another life in the future — the far future where there are psychics, sex slaves, floating chairs, and we live in a Neo-City.