Live Checking Credit Card Shows the Bad News in Real Time

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Credit cards, by nature, dissociate us from our money at the price of convenience. But what if they were both easy to use and a means to promote responsible budgeting?

The Live Checking credit card snared a red dot design award for good reason—it's an excellent, feasible idea. A normal credit card is equipped with e-ink and RFID. Combined, the technologies track how much you've spent in real time and display it right on the card.

And given that the concept uses a black and white display, you're never in the red!


Now if only someone designs a mailbox that shows the whole neighborhood the equity in your home, we could avoid any future mortgage crisis without the need of all this governmental intervention. [reddot via Electronics-Lab]

UPDATE: OOPS, looked like we'd written this one before. I should really start reading that cool new site called Gizmodo!