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This concept was so off the wall that Siemens didn't even have a name for it besides something like "Super Future Laser Communicator" or something. The idea, as you can't tell from the picture, but could tell from the kiosk video, is that a built-in laser display (like the iBiz Virtual Keyboard, sort of, except a dynamic display). The idea is to be able to project an interactive screen anywhere you can set the phone down. If you are on the run, you'd use the white surface on the phone as a screen—but then you're not any better off than as if you'd built-in a regular screen.


Cool, but we won't be seeing this probably ever. In fact, my guess is these sort of concepts will be obsoleted before they get to market by things like tiny, LED-lit DLP/LCD projectors.

Also, that's it for the Siemens at the moment. Hopefully all the other cell phone companies' booths will be up and running now.