Live from CES: Commodore Crap Pt. 1

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Hey Commodore, we know you paved the way for a lot of the stuff we have seen at CES this year, but since YMV bought you out, your new stuff sucks. Commodore has three items on display this year that we reported on last month: the Navigator Combo GPS unit, the Mediabox and the Mediatower.


Initially I sat down with the Navigator Combo with high hopes. First off, the display looks like complete crap. The navigation is done with a pretty responsive touch screen, but what was difficult was actually reading what the options were. I tried to check out the GPS features and I was greeted with a fantastic error. The Navigator Combo is powered by Windows CE, so when there is an error, Microsoft lets me know there is an error. If you are really interested, this features a 3.5-inch touch screen, 20GB hard drive, playback options for most audio/video formats and even a bitching NES emulator.

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