Live from CES: Commodore Crap Pt. 2

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Commodore was also featuring two other products in its booth. First was the Mediabox, a $499 media center that runs an embedded XP. Other than that it is pretty run-of-the-mill, features a 160GB hard drive, 5.1 audio, wired and Wi-Fi connection, DVD player, etc. It was being housed in a $20,000 steel case that was pretty hot, unfortunately that won't be made available for consumers. Look for the picture after the jump.

The best thing about the next device was the cute girl talking to me about it. This is the Mediatower. It is a massive, over 8-foot tall tower that allows you to connect your cell phone or MP3 player to it for music and content downloading. These towers are currently around South Africa right now and will be made stateside in 2006. The tower allows for connections via Bluetooth, USB, and through a variety of different memory cards. Hook up your device, download some crappy wallpaper or's as easy as that. It is a damn shame that YMV has turned the proud Commodore legacy into another Jamster knockoff.

This image was lost some time after publication.

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