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Too lazy to build a MAME cabinet? Just buy one. Gameroom classics has four units on display this year including a new Capcom-only table-sized cabinet. The one thing that still grinds my gears: none of these damn machines have Galaga, debatably the best arcade game of all time. I mean, honestly, the Galaga ship could so kick Pac-man's ass in a fight. They have three tabletop models on display: a classics model, a SNK Playmore model and a very sexy Capcom model. There is also one full-sized classic games cabinet. On the tabletop models the controls seem to be decently responsive, at least compared to that piece-of-trash cabinet that Target is selling. The UI is also very easy to navigate. The tabletop models are available this month for around $850 and expect to shell out over a grand for the full sized cabinet.