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I'm a sucker for projectors of all sizes, but this tiny DLP-based projector from Premier was very appealling. The PD-S682 has a native 800 by 600 pixel resolution, accepts VGA, S-video, and composite input, and can be run from an optional lithium-ion battery for over two hours. Even better is its built-in SD slot, from which the PD-S682 will display images.

We had a chance to see a live demo and it looked...okay. The screen size was dialed in to around 30 inches or so and was not as bright as even a dull LCD (unlike many projectors that can get very near to flat-panel brightness), but considering the target market—folks who need a large screen on the go—it was ample.


It was also light enough to be worn and wasn't much bigger than my hand. It won't be long before we'll be able to shoot out images from our phones and video players for enjoyment on the closest wall.