Live from CES: Thomson Press Conference

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Here's the new product scoop from the Thomson's (and all their other companies) press conference.


Wi-Q Universal Remote Control is an all-in-one remote that has an integrated LCD screen that can display program guides and control every part of your home theatre. It uses EPG on remote updated via Wi-Fi. Meaning it connects to your network and downloads television program guides. This will be available in 2006 for $299, while sounds high is actually a competitive price compared to the other high-end Logitech remotes that are out.

RCA Rip and Go, a bookshelf audio system that directly rips from CD to MP3 players. It will exist in five different new products in 2006. Varying from a 10-watt system to a massive 160 watt unit with a 5 cd changed, 2x ripping, Wi-Fi, and Sirius satellite radio in home. Thomson will be working with Sirius for the new SiriusConnect Home service to bring satellite radio into the home.


Thomson says best way to beat the iPod is to go around, they are doing this by using very simple flash players. Their new line will be fully customized with decals and color faceplates, oh joy! This line starts at $59. Good luck is all I have to say.

Lyra X3000 Personal Multimedia Recorder, it allows direct recording of products minus a PC. They will be partnering with DirectTV and the service, DirectTV 2Go for television on the X3000, while the Lyra won't be able to directly connect to the DirectTV network, your pre-existing set top box will be upgradeable to a model that can link with the box and download content directly to the Lyra. The X3000 uses IR, MPEG4 technologies, real time recording from an analog source or transfer from a PC. It has a convenient media dock that can sit in your home theatre for easy transfer. It obeys the Windows Media DRM, supports photo viewing from SD or directly from a PC/camera. It is also compatible with for you audio book junkies. [Lyra pictured]

More products from the press conference in a moment.

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