Local Electronics Stores Defy the Recession By Not Being Terrible

While giant retailers are scrambling to nab whatever portion of Circuit City's suddenly available $11-billion in revenue they can, local electronics stores and midsize retailers are making out like gangbusters, simply by doing things the old fashioned way.


In case you're wondering, that means paying workers on commission, keeping employees for a long time, and making sure they actually know what they're talking about. Naturally, Best Buy, via a spokesperson, was defensive about these claims:

Our employees are exceptional at demystifying complex technology!

while Walmart's PR strategy was hilariously honest:

With electronics data so readily available online today, many customers come to us looking for a particular brand or item, knowledge in hand, and may not want or feel comfortable shopping with a salesperson.

Neeeeeerds!That said, commission-driven aggression doesn't necessarily equate to better service, and I suspect the WSJ's conclusion has less to do with the chains' superior customer experience than it does the public's inordinately toxic impressions of big box retailers like Best Buy. But the sentiment certainly rings true: even as a gadget blogger, I feel better buying my gear from someone who can answer basic questions about it. [WSJ--Image courtesy of the WSJ]

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