As for how Loewe managed to make the clothes look like Minecraft IRL, when it comes to the top and hoodie, the key seems to be in the outer edges, which are stiff and use a jagged pattern to create a pixelated effect. Minecraft clothes and costumes often look similar, though with less craftsmanship. The pants, meanwhile, seem to be a more traditional, baggy silhouette filled with a pixelated print. Together, they create an effect of the model’s body dissolving. The company hasn’t released prices for the items yet.

Overall, I think Loewe managed to do something metaverse fashion hasn’t been able to do yet—get people excited about digital-style clothes. In this case, the clothes are real, but their connection to the digital world is undeniable. And unlike clothing in the metaverse, people seem to want to wear these clothes and spend time in them.