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Log Alarm Clock With No Time Wakes You With Woodpecker Noises

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Woodpeckers must be one of the most irritating birds around, so goodness knows why anyone would want to wake up to the sound of a woodpecker doing its thing. Taptaptap. Tap-tap-tap. I feel angry and tired just thinking about it.

It's the clock which has no time—instead, telling you when to go to bed, and then waking you eight hours later. With the sound of a woodpecker, drumming away. That's not the end to the Mother Nature features of Natalie Duckett's concept clock, though. As time flies by in a fit of taptaptap-ing, the log will actually shed bark, evolving like a normal log would. [Natalie Duckett via Yanko Design]