Illustration for article titled Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard Reviewed (Verdict: Expensive and Gimmicky)

Although the Logitech diNovo may be billed as "the most advanced keyboard in the world", its features don't quite live up to the name. Despite having a built-in wrist rest, touch-sensitive volume sliders, a touchdisc touchpad-like mousing area, lit-up function keys, and orange LEDs, but there's nothing here that screams revolutionary.


Yes, the diNovo may be just a 1/2 inch thick and has laptop-styled scissor keys (which we love) called PerfectStroke, but it's just another keyboard, just like the Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000. There's no number pad, because this is a media keyboard, but there are plenty of media control keys to be found. Also, it's rechargeable via a dock, and only needs to be juiced every 2 months.


If this keyboard were $100, we'd say this was a great buy for the features you get. But at its $170-ish price tag, there's just not enough "wow" here to justify the dent in your wallet.

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