Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard Reviewed (Verdict: Expensive and Gimmicky)

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Although the Logitech diNovo may be billed as "the most advanced keyboard in the world", its features don't quite live up to the name. Despite having a built-in wrist rest, touch-sensitive volume sliders, a touchdisc touchpad-like mousing area, lit-up function keys, and orange LEDs, but there's nothing here that screams revolutionary.


Yes, the diNovo may be just a 1/2 inch thick and has laptop-styled scissor keys (which we love) called PerfectStroke, but it's just another keyboard, just like the Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000. There's no number pad, because this is a media keyboard, but there are plenty of media control keys to be found. Also, it's rechargeable via a dock, and only needs to be juiced every 2 months.

If this keyboard were $100, we'd say this was a great buy for the features you get. But at its $170-ish price tag, there's just not enough "wow" here to justify the dent in your wallet.



goodbaum: I'm saying that media keyboards are useless and overpriced for what they're able to do. I used to have that logitech mx5000 keyboard with the lcd screen that interacts with msn and windows media player (couldn't even get it working with winamp) and touch sensitive volume control etc; and after about a week I wondered why I threw away so much money for something one would never use (the mouse that came with it, the mx1000 is damn nice though) and the software that came with it was buggier than windows itself...

I mean, you can get programs that will enable you to program keycombinations to change the song or up the volume (if you're too lazy to just click on the button, or press b in winamp).

And the whole thing why the dinovo is even more overpriced than the usual logitech media keyboards is because it's supposed to look "stylish", that's why I posted the pic of a normal cheap keyboard that is also as "stylish" and also a very thin.

If you want to use your pc as media pc or whatever, then why not just get a remote?