Logitech Fixes Your Laptop's Heat Problems, Slouchy Posture With the N100, N110

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Following Microsoft's latest foray into the laptop accessories game, Logitech has announced both an active cooling pad and adaptable notebook stand, combating the common mobile computing problems of ball-baking and back-breaking, respectively.

The N100 probably won't surprise anyone—it's a more or less run-of-the-mill laptop cooling pad, powered by a single USB plug and avowing everything that such accessories do: silence! longevity! minimal impact on battery life! Really, the N100 is notable not for what it does, but because it's a reasonably-priced ($30) unit from a reputable company in an arena dominated by overpriced, heavy do-it-all units and shitty, off-brand Office Depot specials.


Logitech's second launch for the day is a laptop stand, but there's not much to say about it that isn't evident in the picture. There are three tilt settings for propping your laptop up, and the unit folds flat for easy transport. The price is also $30, which, for its pedestrian styling and lack of any kind of electronics, is a little harder to stomach than for the N100. Both units fit most netbooks or laptops up to 15.4", and will be available soon: the N100 this month, and the N110 in May. [Logitech]