Logitech's Harmony 900 Universal Remote Has Touchscreen

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Only a certain type of person is willing to drop $400 on a remote control, but those people are going to be excited about the new Logitech Harmony 900.

The Harmony 900 isn't quite as huge and crazy as the Harmony 1000, as it retains the form factor of, you know, a remote control, like the Harmony One. But it packs in a color touchscreen to let you control pretty much anything you want. It's the best of both worlds.

It's also got a new RF to IR blaster to control your home theater components. Instead of sticking small IR receivers to the IR inputs of every device in your cabinet, you put the blaster in front of all of them and it fires off its signal in every direction, hitting everything at once. It makes the install process easier, at least. This way you can control closed cabinets (or cabinets behind you) with RF, so the repeater will send the IR to the desired components.


Look for the Harmony 900 later this month for $399.99. [Logitech]