If you think small is beautiful, this is the perfect London home for you: thought to be the narrowest house in the entire capital, the Denmark Hill residence is on sale for a cool $750,000.

At its widest point the house measures just 99 inches across—but not all of the house offers such generous proportions. The galley kitchen, for instance, is just 62 inches in width. In total it boasts 466 square feet of space, split across two floors. It's thought to have been built to squeeze an extra property at the end of a row of terraces—which means that it does, at least, offer a 75-foot garden out back.


Despite the fact that it's small, though, you'd have to be quick if you're planning to buy it: one viewer has apparently fallen in love with it, and already has an offer in on the property. The agent won't say what the offer was—but given the current London property market, it's probably above the asking price. [Evening Standard]