This is what happens when you let a radioactive snail in at night. Havoc! Luckily, Evolution Robotics' Mint cleaning robot did a darn good job cleaning up after it, as you can see from a long-exposure photo of its mopping.


The above photo was taken by BotJunkie, when the cleaner was set to the mopping function. It apparently took the cleaner 20 minutes to clean that space, but only 15 minutes to sweep the floor. As you can see from the photo below, it does a more thorough job when mopping.

Mint uses wet or dry Swiffer pads to clean floors with—floors, we should point out, that are non-carpet. $250 is quite a bit to spend on a vacuum cleaner that doesn't do carpet, but by the sounds of BotJunkie's review, it does hard floors very proud. [BotJunkie]

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