Look hot for the apocalypse in this Rad Hourani transformer leather jacket

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Jordanian-born designer Rad Hourani is known for his futuristic, hard-edged, unisex designs. With his Tranclassic leather jacket, he has taken his aesthetic and made a garment that's rapture-ready.

If you're left behind on Earth after the End, at least you can look good. The Tranclassic can be worn 10 ways - and since things might get chaotic, owning just one garment will have its perks. Wear it as a casual-tough motorcycle jacket during the day; in the evening, transform it into a cinched-waist minidress. Give it a bustle when you're feeling feisty, or wear it with a flat front and square shoulders to anti-zombie patrol. See all 10 ways to wear the Tranclassic at Rad Hourani's site.