German start-up Loremo, of the 157 mpg diesel-powered car that showed up at the Frankfurt Auto Show last October, is now introducing a second eco-friendly flavor to their lineup—an electric version named the oh so clever... wait for it... E-Loremo.

The E-Loremo features a 20KW electric engine, with short-term bursts of 40kw possible. The company says the car ought to consume 6kwh/100km, about the same as 0.6 liters of diesel fuel, and reach a top speed of around 170 kph (105 mph, for us non-metric folk).


Loremo hasn't gotten specific on the battery capacity yet, but it's looking to put around 93 to 124 miles of range into every charge.

The company might get their first prototype out the door as soon as mid-2008, but you won't get your chance to impress Berlin's Birkenstock-wearing frauleins until at least 2010. [loremo via I4U]


- Elaine Chow