Los Angeles Is the New US Bid City for the 2024 Olympics

After a dramatic few months, Los Angeles has replaced Boston as the US contender for the 2024 Summer Olympics. I think you know what this means—JETPACK DUDE HERE WE COME!

At at a press conference today that was spilling over with Olympians like Janet Evans, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the official awarding of the bid by the USOC. Boston had previously been named the bid city, but then Boston changed its mind.

Los Angeles has already hosted twice and is well-known for putting on what are largely considered to be the most successful Olympics of all time. The city ended up making money on the 1984 games, mostly because of a smart strategy to use existing venues, which the city says it will do again.


It will be awhile—about two years—before we know if LA gets the Olympics. Rome, Paris, Hamburg, Budapest, are all apparently putting together bids and, who knows, Beijing will probably want to host more Olympics, too.

Until then, LA still has plenty of time to convince the IOC of its many charms. The USOC provided a hashtag for this reason that I’m certain won’t be abused. I think I can speak for everyone here when I say, Thanks, Boston!


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This is great news, but I can’t help but be pessimistic when it comes to any American city winning the bid. The IOC seems to have something against the U.S. these days (rumor has it because we send too many star athletes to the games, and allowing America to host would give them an advantage they don’t need).