Louis CK has a long, complex and hilarious history of interacting with modern technology. But now heā€™s decided to quit the internet.

In an interview with Conan Oā€™Brien, he explained that heā€™s ā€œgrown upā€ and realized that his constant staring at a phone was straining his familial relationships. So he had his daughter impose a parental lock on the internet for all his devices, and now he hasnā€™t looked at the web for over a month.


Howā€™s it going? He has to ask people questions, which he says is ā€œfun.ā€ Heā€™s read Pride and Prejudice, which is ā€œgood.ā€ And his 10-year-old daughter is proud of him for cutting himself free of the internet.

Which all sounds pretty great. But the big question is: Fancy trying it yourself?

[Team Coco]