Love, Jealousy, Passion...Star Trek Cologne for Men

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The merchandising machine for the upcoming Star Trek film is getting fired up with a slew of absurd and unrelated products—including a three-fragrance lineup for men.


Apparently, the "Tiberius," "Pon Farr" and "Red Shirt" fragrances will be available in finer stores starting the spring for an undisclosed price. Start saving guys. After all, who could resist the the nchanting musk of James Tiberius Kirk, the raging hormones of Vulcan pon far or the live-fast, die young personality of a red shirt stock character? [Trekmovie via Neatorama]

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Klingon Musk does sound tempting,

but Eau De Lt. Yar wins me over.

Smellin' of Troy?