Lucifer's Season 6 Trailer Promises a Devilishly Wild Finale

The DC Comics adaptation returns for what looks to be an action-packed and suitably bonkers swan song on Netflix on September 10.

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Chloe and Lucifer, characters from Netflix's Lucifer series, appear in an animated segment seen in the series' season six trailer looking very shocked.
Chloe and Lucifer get animated, and they’re just as shocked as we are!
Screenshot: Netflix

Lucifer’s sixth and final season arrives one month from today, and to mark the occasion Netflix has shared a truly over-the-top trailer teasing what’s to come.

Season five—which wrapped up in late May after airing in two parts across 2020 and 2021, thanks to covid-19 delays—ended on one of Lucifer’s by-now signature cliffhangers; to sum up a lot of celestial shenanigans, it sure looked like Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), aka the Actual Devil, had ascended to his father’s throne to become... God? Unsurprisingly, the trailer suggests that bizarre state of affairs will shape the show’s final story arcs (“He’s got quite a few mysteries to solve in season six,” Ellis said of his character at the Lucifer San Diego Comic-Con panel last month). It also promises all manner of action, romance, and quirky curve balls (jazz hands, Colombian vacations, animation!) to help wrap things up as memorably as possible. Check it out!

Major takeaways: we’ve got a new antagonist in the form of Rory (Deadpool’s Brianna Hildebrand), a troublemaking angel with her eyes set on Lucifer’s throne and her feet in some rather dramatic footwear; Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) kicking ass with a smile while romancing Eve (Inbar Levi); a shrieking Detective Dan (Kevin Alejandro) back walking the Earth after, uh, dying last season; and the unlikely sight of Chloe (Lauren German) attempting to fight her beloved Lucifer to the death? Also, there’s definitely going to be plenty of partying, drinking, cop-bribing, and choreographed dancing this season—plus, as Ella (Aimee Garcia) grimly reports, “the apocalypse is nigh.” In other words, business as usual for this series.


Lucifer’s sixth and final season hits Netflix on September 10. What did you think of the trailer, and will you be tuning in to see how everything turns out?

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