Lucky Charms Sifter Gets Straight to the Sweet, Sweet Point

Lucky Charms would be one of the finest foods ever created—if only the actual cereal bits weren't pooping on marshmallows' tasty parade. Thankfully, Thingiverse user Tom Lombardi invented a solution for this age old problem. Enter the Lucky Charms Sifter.

According to Lombardi, the humble-looking 3D printed cup removes over 90 percent of all the cereal, leaving only the marshmallowy goodness. All the user has to do is pour Lucky Charms into the cup and give it a good shake. The precision-printed holes are just large enough for the whole-grain hamster food to fall through, while still retaining the slightly larger marshmallows.


Lombardi has posted the specifications for the sifter on Thingiverse, so anyone with access to a 3D printer can make their own. But why stop there? An invention of this magnitude deserves to be accessible to everyone! Consider this a plea, Mr. Lombardi, to take this stroke of genius into full scale production. I hope to see these hanging in the cereal aisles of grocery stores across the nation by this time next year. [Thingiverse via The Awesomer]

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