Lufthansa May Add Beds to Coach; Mile High Club to Add Thousands of Members

Sleeping while flying coach is damned near impossible, especially if you're over six feet tall. Sure, you could drop three times as much (or more) for one of those fancy business class seats that fold into a bed, but only suckers and jerkbags do that. If you're flying to Germany anytime soon, however, you might just get a bed with your coach ticket.

That's because German airline Lufthansa is adding a "bunkroom" full of triple bunk beds for their coach passengers. It would be in place specifically for overnight flights, so you wouldn't get to take a nap if you just wanted to fly from Frankfurt to Paris, but it could make the difference between arriving refreshed and arriving feeling like a zombie. Don't think that you'd get to bounce back and forth between your seat and your bed, however: you'd be booking a bed instead of a normal seat. Yeah, it's a serious commitment.


Lufthansa is considering this scheme in a study, so there are no dates as to when they'll implement it, if ever. [FlightGlobal via Spulch]

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