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The Lumus PD-20 aren't quite the Holy Grail of video glasses, but they are a small to mid-sized step in the proper direction. Instead of looking at the actual image source (coming from that box on the frame), wearers view a reflection from the Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) placed in direct eye view.


In other words, any technology can be used for the initial display (such as LCD or OLED), while tiny, transparent paneling (LOE) works as a mini projector screen, shining the image properly back to your eye. This setup allows for complete peripheral/frontal vision, as well as the potential (now I'm reaching a bit) to upgrade the source microdisplay as technologies improve. And you don't look like you are on your way to a Star Trek convention...every day.

Late last year, Lumus announced VGA resolutions in their eyewear. What we need is for the big boy companies, like cellphone display manufacturers, to get in on the mix. Then, finally, we can watch cartoons all day and claim it's our prescription.


Product Page [via randomgoodstuff]

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