Luxpro shuffle Clone Reviewed (Verdict: Surprisingly Nice)

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MAKE has a quick review on Luxpro's now notorious Super Tangent iPod shuffle clone. We mentioned a few days ago that these were popping up on eBay, so it's nice to see an first-hand account. MAKE's overall impression is that the Tangent works as promised, including a nicely executed FM receiver and surprisingly decent voice recorder. With a 1GB model available and a comparable price, the Tangent does a good job giving the shuffle a run for its money, even if it's not quite as polished. Either way, neither of them have screens.


Review Super Tangent [MAKEZine]

Update: iPodlounge reviewed the Super Tangent, as well, and says it is balls.
iPod shuffle clone 'worse than you could believe' [iPodlounge]

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