If your kid starts demanding an iPod and you're are not prepared to spend too much cash, think about buying a "M-WAVE" instead. It looks cooler anyway and is both for boys and girls. "M-WAVE" from Sega Toys is the newer version of music player for girls "Sound Carrier" (it was called Tamagotchi on speed). It is a music player, a voice recorder and even offers some pixelly games. A funny character appears on the LCD and grows with the music. The difference from the last one of this series is the increase in recording time, which is now 68 minutes instead of 16 minutes (!!). There's also a clock function with alarm and you can record music directly from any audio device or TV. Coming on the market in Japan at the end of June in two colors. Price is about $51.

But wait... is that guy doing the one legged pop and lock up there? WTF, Japan?

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