Mac Mini: Second Wave

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The Mac mini has descended like a cloud onto tech nerdery this morning, and everybody is weighing in. Here are a collection of some of the first reactions and thoughts from a variety of sources (and we'll likely add more as the day comes though, just to keep it all in one place. One day of Apple orgy is enough to hold us for a long while).

The ATI Radeon 9200 with 32MB does not support the forthcoming buzzword feature from Tiger, Core Image, which means wavy Dashboard effects get done by the CPU or not at all. But does the Radeon 9200 really not support Core Image? Until the day of the Keynote the Core Image preview page for Tiger listed video cards that supported Core Image, and the least powerful card capable was the GeForce with 64MB RAM, but now the list is gone.


The Mac mini [ArsTechnica] Apple takes the wraps off of the Mac mini [ArsTechnica]

It's not what I expected — I figured they'd combine an iBook logic board with desktop-class drives in an LC-esque slab enclosure.

Mac Mini [BryceYehl]

So is the Mini a game-changer? That question is too big. But here s an easier one: is it a good computer to buy for my Mom?


Mini for Mom? [Ongoing]

"But it shows that Apple is keen to capitalise on the mass market success it's had with the iPod. The Mac mini will appeal to PC users looking for an attractive, 'no fuss' computer."


Apple unveils low-cost 'Mac mini' [BBC]

But rumor sites had anticipated the new products, and Apple shares fell nearly 4 percent.


Apple unveils $99 iPod, $499 Mac [CNN]

"They're breaking no new technological ground here," said analyst Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies. "These are strategic products to bring more people into the Mac platform, pure and simple."


It's a Small Macworld [WiredNews]

Rumored products that didn't appear in Jobs speech included "Asteroid," a supposed music instrument interface meant to hook into Apple's GarageBand software and the inspiration for several of Apple's suits against Mac rumor sites.


Apple unveils $499 PC [CNet]

Mac mini is a $500 shiny white box with a some pretty good specs for the price. Finally Apple has entered the affordable market.


iPod Shuffle and Mac mini [CoolHunting]

The Mac Mini is Apple's most compact and affordable Macintosh ever, Apple said.

Apple launches $100 iPod, $500 Macintosh [NWFusion]

"The Mac mini is 2 x 6.5 inches. Your car stereo is 2 x 7 inches. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"


Mac mini and iPod shuffle: Industry Impressions [Gizmodo]

Makes me wonder if it's worth resisting the "first on the block" impulse with the mini. A few months to see if there are any production bugs in the rev. A models plus a free copy of Tiger? Figure saving $129 on Tiger and $79 on iLife '05 (yesterday's Killer App, methinks) and the mini seems more and more of a bargain all the time if you need a first, consumer-level Mac or a second Mac to use as a media server/secondary Net appliance.


Notes on Mac mini :: Will Tiger Run on it? How Much to Upgrade? [ThreeBase]

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