MacBook Air Refresh Rumored For This Week

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Despite a $700 price cut last June, you still don't see that many MacBook Airs being used in public. Apple could aim to fix that with an Air refresh, which might come as early as this week.


The rumor has come via, with the Aussies claiming a "well-placed source" has spied some SKUs with the product number "MC516LL/A K87 BETTER BTR-USA." Why are we placing faith in this particular rumor, you ask? They've had a string of success with MacBook leaks, right up to the MacBook Pro releases just last month.


Perhaps not so thrilling is that has said if it's not new MacBook Airs winging their way to Orrstraya at this very minute, it's new LCDs for iMacs. Let's hope that shortage in ULV Core i3 and i5 processors that we reported on in January has been cleared up by now. [Macworld via MacRumors]

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We have several test machines here @ work. The Air has got to be the sexiest machine in the lab. Svelte, light, and the best machine to take home for the weekend. My wife looks at it and says, "I want one!" I'm almost tired of bringing it home, because I'm tired of hearing it.

This is a $1500 netbook, plus another $130 if you want to use ethernet and burn to CD/DVD.

Who buys these things anyways?