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MacBook Air With Solid State Drive Gets $500 Price Cut

Illustration for article titled MacBook Air With Solid State Drive Gets $500 Price Cut

Apple just ripped $500 off the price tag of their Solid State Drive-based MacBook Airs, which are now $2598, down from $3098. AppleInsider says the cuts came from two components, the 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo, which got a $100 cut, and the 64GB SSD, which got a $400 cut. The sub-$3000 bill should be slightly more appetizing to fans of light laptops. And fans of money. [Apple Store via Apple Insider]


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And in the distance, a noise grew, an unholy racket that resounded in any hollow object, in any surface that can carry a tune. It was the sound of fanboys, who bought $600 iPhones in droves at the cube of destiny, only to see their ebay resale value plummet not long after, now seeing the Air lifting.

In price that is.