MacBook Pros Temporarily Halted by Apple?

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French Mac site Le Macbidouille is reporting that Apple has temporarily halted orders on its 15-inch Core 2 Duo MacBook Pros. Apparently users are complaining of excessive graininess on the display of the non-glossy models. The online Apple Store has a 1- to 2-day delay on both 15-inch models (the 17-inch ships in 24 hours), but the reason for that could be anyone's guess. Anybody out there experiencing similar problems either getting a 15-inch or with their MacBook Pro's display?

MacBook Pro C2D Production Stopped? [Le Macbidouille]

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Update: They shipped my MacBook Pro on the 15th and it arrived on the 18th. I don't see any grainyness with the screen, but the track pad felt a little grainy at first. I haven't watched a DVD in the dark or anything yet.