MacBook Retina Display Teardown: Four Times the Pixels In Smaller Hardware

Last week, the gadget surgeons at iFixit got their hands on a new MacBook Pro with retina display, and promptly disassembled it only to realize that it's going to be basically impossible to repair on your own. Now they've gone after the sophisticated display itself to see its ultra-resolution guts up close.


The new retina display is a marvel of design: Apple managed to cram four times as many pixels as the previous generation 15-inch MacBook into a package that's actually a fraction of a millimeter slimmer. This requires some very tight packing and special components that proved too delicate even for the nimble fingers of iFixit's technicians. Yup, they broke the glass on the display, confirming what we already knew: Don't try to fix the new retina display MacBook Pros at home. [iFixit]

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