This year’s Comic-Con featured some of the best reveals for anyone who grew up in the ‘80s. Re-releases and updated versions of everything from Thundercats to Devastator were announced, but none were as awesome as Mondo’s new line of Madballs.

Designed with creepy faces inspired by mummies, skeletons, and other monsters, Madballs were really just simple foam balls that appealed to kids who were more into comic books and cartoons than sports. And as detailed as the original versions were, we’ve now got a solid 30 years of manufacturing advancements at our disposal, and the new Mondo Madballs look like they’re taking full advantage of it.


As with a vast majority of Comic-Con reveals, there’s no information on when you’ll be able get your hands on the lastest breed of Madballs, or how much they’ll set you back. The versions on display at Mondo’s booth were just prototypes, and here’s to hoping they’re returning as more than just a threesome. [Mondo via Captain Toy]

Photos by Captain Toy

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