Mad Catz Eclipse Keyboard and Mouse Join the Touch-Sensitive Party

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These new Eclipse keyboards and mice from Mad Catz are pretty standard fare, except for one key feature—touch sensitivity. The keyboard has a 3-in-1 touchpanel keypad, and the mouse is able to understand finger gestures.

The Eclipse Wireless Litetouch keyboard comes in wired and wireless variants, and is distinctive because of it's 3-in-1 LCD touchpad that lets you switch layouts and use it as a number pad, media controller, or a customizable app/website launcher. The keyboards also have backlit keys, along with mouse buttons and a scrollball for all-in-one PC navigation.


Looking like a futuristic race car, the Eclipse Wireless Touchmouse replaces the standard scroll wheel with an optical "touchscroll module" that allows you to scroll in any direction, and can be programmed to act on certain gestures. It also has bluetooth, and lasts six months on a single AA battery.

Available this January, the keyboards will run you $130 and $100 for the wireless and the wired models, respectively. The mouse will cost $60. [PR Inside]