Genius invents machine gun that makes and fires paper airplanes

This German genius has created one of the most awesome inventions in recent memory, one that will bring incredible voice to humanity: A fully automated paper airplane machine gun. Yes, people: A machine gun that folds plain paper sheets into airplanes and then fire them across the sky.


He fully designed it and then 3D printed most of it, he says. I really hope that he starts some crowdfunding thing for mass manufacturing. Or at least share his plans on the internet.

And someone give this dude a Nobel already, please.

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Awesome idea. When I was younger, I briefly worked for a company that machines that would fold paper at a mind boggling rate. And even though this machine does not compare to those tools, it's still fast enough that I could not figure out how the initial folds were done. So I used the built-in Youtube speed selection for the first time to help me understand it a little better: